VIPER - Radio Imaging SFX

Viper  All the essential work parts you need to create
 your own professional jingles, sweepers,
 promo's and intro's.

 VIPER gives you 166 powerful starters, hits,
 stingers and micro's, all in wav-format.

                   € 49,-

To create matching jingles, intro's and sweepers, all elements are
categorized in different styles: warp, vinyl, static, sonic and light.

     Listen to the demo

Get VIPER now! And spice up your podcast or radio show.

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The sound effects and imaging elements in VIPER may be used unlimitedly and at no additional costs, exclusively by the costomer or within organizations or projects the costomer is affiliated to (for example a radio station or program, an Internet station or a podcast).

MAESTRO MEDIA retains the copyright to the sound effects and imaging elements in VIPER. Providing VIPER to others and the use of VIPER by parties other than those mentioned above is prohibited.

Personal data obtained by MAESTRO MEDIA via the order form, will only be used for processing the order, or to contact the customer in case of a problem.

MAESTRO MEDIA does not provide any personal information to third parties, except to parties that are involved in carrying out the payment order.

As soon as the payment has been processed, the customer will recieve a link with which VIPER can be downloaded via WeTransfer.

Downloaded files cannot be returned and money refunds are not possible. MAESTRO MEDIA advises interested parties, before purchasing the product, first to listen to the demo on our website. 

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